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Tamara Trefon is a 1st year teacher at Ayaprun Elitnaurvik School in Bethel which is a Yup'ik Immersion school. She teaches the entire Yugtun curriculum. Photo: Cheryl Childers.

Cathy McIntyre


Above: Cathy McIntyre is teaching Yugtun reading, writing and
science for 2nd & 3rd grade in her home village.  Photo: Cheryl Childers.

Above: Margaret Baca a 1st year teacher in Tanana, where a couple
of puppies sometimes follow her to school. Photo: Sharon Attla

Flying over Anaktuvuk Pass

 Utgiagvik Classroom

To left: Mentor Lindy Kinn took this photo while traveling over Anaktuvuk Pass.
Above: Mentor Hal Neace is surrounded by 5th graders in Brett Steven's classroom in Utgiagvik. Photo: Brett Stevens.

Brooks Range

Above: The Brooks Range protrudes above a blanket of clouds. Photo: Lindy Kinn.
To Right: Layers of clouds parting revealing rivers flowing in the Anaktuvuk Pass area. Photo: Lindy Kinn.


Flying over Anaktuvuk Pass 

 2nd Grader sewed mittens 2nd grader sews mittens 

Above: A second grader in Pt. Lay sews mittens. Photo: Hal Neace.
To Left: Another 2nd grader shows her final work. Photo: Hal Neace.

 Arctic Ocean

Above: The Arctic Ocean near Utqiagvik Notice the polygonal shape of the permafrost in the foreground. Photo: Hal Neace.
To Right: Sunrise near Utgiagvik. Photo: Hal Neace.

Arctic Sunrise 
 Utgiagvik Directional Sign Utgiagvik Football 

Above: The Barrow High School Football team hosts a game playing a visiting village. Photo: Hal Neace.
To Left: Utgiagvik's directional sign. Photo: Hal Neace.

Beach in Point Hope 

Above:Point Hope Beach. Photo: Hal Neace.
To Right: Making akutak in the classroom. Photo: Hal Neace.

Making Agutaq 


Frieda Grierson and Hal Neace  Flying over Point Hope 

Above: Flying over Point Hope. Photo: Hal Neace.
To Left: Mentor Hal Neace poses with Frieda Grierson, one of his ECTs.