Lindy Kinn

Supporting new teachers and encouraging reflective practice to accelerate professional growth:
Lindy became an Alaskan in 1970 when her family moved from southern California to Wrangell. She attended UAF and her first teaching job was on the Pribilof Islands. She taught for a year in Anderson Alaska and then moved back to Fairbanks to teach for the next 30 years. Lindy has Masters in Education, a Masters in Ed Leadership and is Nationally Board certified. Lindy's years of experience as a classroom teacher, and in district-wide roles as a Math Support Teacher and as an Instructional Technology teacher, have provided her with many opportunities to understand the value of mentoring and being mentored. In her spare time Lindy likes to ride her bike, ski, and quilt.


"I am honored be a part of ASMP with its proven record of improving teacher retention and student achievement and to join a team of exemplary educator mentors."