Kay Smith

My name is Kay Smith. I have two grown daughters and we are from Seward, Alaska. I taught special education for 35 years. I have taught 2 years in Bangladesh and another two in Thailand. Afterwards, I was fortunate enough to travel the world for a year before teaching in Juneau. My special interest in education are in the areas of learning disabled and making real life connections. My outside interests are quilting, reading, biking, hiking, camping and lots of games. I received my bachelor's degree from Southwest Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas. My master's came from Northeastern Oklahoma University in Tahlaquah, Oklahoma. I caught a King Salmon this summer which weighed 60 pounds and it makes Charles Castello's fish look like a minnow.


"My hopes for my mentoring year are to introduce the new teachers to the adventures of meeting new cultures and engaging students in exciting learning."