Kate Doran

Kate has been busy in schools since 1975. She has taught science, math and whatever else needed doing, in large and small schools in Queensland, Australia, St. Mary's, St. Michaels, Teller, Unalakleet, and Fairbanks, Alaska. She is currently on loan from West Valley High School in the Fairbanks Northstar Borough School District. She received a BS in biology from Seattle Pacific University and PH.D. in biology from the University of Alaska in Fairbanks.

We value education because it modifies our minds; it changes our perceptions of the world and it defines our relationships to the world. It is a gift that once acquired, cannot be taken away, but can be shared. I love watching people in the process of acquiring new understandings of themselves and of their world. There is nothing as exciting as watching students gain the skills they need to use their knowledge to impact the world.