Karen Mobley

Karen began her teaching degree at the University of New Mexico in and completed her BA at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. She has taught in Fairbanks, Alaska for 13 years at Anne Wein, Crawford, North Pole, and Barnette Magnet School. Karen has mostly taught grades K-4 and while teaching at Barnette Magnet. During her years of teaching, she has participated in a wide variety of trainings such as First Step Trainings, Learning Styles Academies, Kagan trainings, and many other classes related to educational topics. Karen is currently working on her master's degree online through the National University in California and will be finished in October 2010.

Karen loves to spend time outdoors with my husband and two sons. I also love to garden. I feel privileged to live in the beautiful state of Alaska and am eager to embark on the new journey of being an Alaskan State Mentor.