Mentoring the Mentor

First year Yupiit instructor Elena, with the assistance of a local fish trapping expert named Henry White, arranged for her middle school students to make, set and check fish traps in the Lower Kuskokwim.

I Should Have Known, and Now I Do!

Where to begin? Maybe with Lorrie; after all she's the one who told us when leaving one school for another we need to be ready at the drop of a hat, so someone can find us and get us to the airport in time to catch our flight. Right? Not exactly. She didn't tell us the path to the airport might be washed out to the Bering Sea!

Mentor Anecdotes — Volume 2

Last season I headed out to a district where one of my high school science teachers requested 50 feeder goldfish. Now, to reach her village, I take the jet to the hub, then board a small plane, then take a long snow machine ride across two rivers and tundra to reach the school.

Mentor Stories

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The Grizzly Mentor

I am meeting with an early career teacher who is weathered and athletic looking—an avid sportsman living on game meat and adrenaline. He told me he would meet with me, but had already planned to go fishing, so I asked if I could come along. "Sure," he said.

Mentor Anecdotes — Volume 1

One of my first year teachers last year was very reluctant to accept my help. Throughout the fall as I emailed her and traveled out to work with her, she would consistently tell me that everything was fine. I continued to try to find ways to be of use by providing additional resources, asking questions to help her think about what was happening with her students, and offering ideas.

Brief history

The University of Alaska obtained funding for a statewide mentoring pilot project which began in the 2003/2004 school year with one mentor working in five school districts.


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Teaching intersects in a classroom with parents, administrators and children.


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