Marilyn White
mentor photo


Marilyn received her Bachelor of Science degree from Oregon College of Education in Monmouth, Oregon. Over her 40+ years since that time, her main teaching assignments have been in third and sixth grade with opportunities to do short stints in most everything from kindergarten to eighth grade as well as Art , Music, PE, and overseas assignments. She received her Master of Science degree from Lesley University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The Masters was in Curriculum and Instruction with a Literacy emphasis.

Her main interest in education is integrating drama, music and art to teach writing, reading and social studies. Relevancy and purpose key learning. She wants students to have viable choices for their future.

"There is no other field that has such diverse challenges and pleasures. Throughout my teaching career, I've given much to make my students successful, continually learning myself. I have enjoyed the stresses and challenges of it all choosing to remain a classroom teacher proudly, adding to and broadening my skills to stay up to date with educational practices.

I am pleased to be able to share in the life of a new career teacher. I look forward to encouraging and supporting his/her growth so that as skill building happens, s/he will catch the joy and reward of making a difference for children."