2016-17 Mentors

Mentors, Coordinators and Staff

1. Woody Wilson 2. Jan Littlebear 3. Shayleen Nadon 4. Roxa Hawkins 5. Liz Will 6. Brenda Luthi
7. Cynthia Petrovich 8. Maureen Petrunic 9. Laurel Dietz 10. Todd Carlson 11. Lisa Stewart 12. Marie Angaiak
13. Kathleen Wright 14. Hal Neace 15. Marilyn White 16. Ann Ness 17. Charlie Costello 18. Carol Jerue
19. Lindy Kinn 20. Ed Sotello 21. Karen Doyle 22. Judy Youngquist 23. Don Campbell 24. Marcia Indahl
25. Debbie Hawkins 26. Kris Selman 27. Chris Walker 28).Kellie Pitman 29. Deb McCabe 30. Sue McIntosh
31. Keiko Herrick 32. Linda Frey 33. Cathé Rhodes 34. Glenda Findlay 35. Laura Connor 36. Sandy Toth
37. Pat Odin 38. Steve Atwater 39. Michelle Thomason

Archived Group Photos

Class of 2015-16

Mentors, Coordinators and Staff

(Back row, from left to right) 1. Linda Frey 2. Laurel Dietz 3. Don Campbell 4. Charlie Costello 5. Craig Baldwin 6. Steve Atwater 7. Sue McIntosh 8. Glenda Findlay 9. Jan Littlebear 10. Sandi Toth 11. Dave Boyd
12. Todd Carlson 13. Hal Neace 14. Liz Will 15. Judy Youngquist 16. Ed Sotelo 17. Cathé Rhodes 18. Marilyn White 19. Ann Ness 20. Beth Hartley 21. Lindy Kinn 22. Deb McCabe 23. Kirstie Willean 24. Brenda Luthi
25. Cynthia Petrovich 26. Pat Odin 27. Woody Wilson 28. Trish Johnston 29. Keiko Herrick 30. Roxa Hawkins 31. Betty Walters 32. Lisa Stewart 33. Kathleen Wright 34. Abby Augustine 35. Marie Angaiak 36. Kellie Pitman 37. Debbie Hawkins 38. Karen Doyle 39. Carol Jerue 40. Chris Walker 41. Maureen Petrunic

Class of 2014-15

(Back row, from left to right) Craig Baldwin, Don Campbell, Ed Sotelo, Todd Carlson, Kris Selman, Dave Boyd, Charlie Costello, Hal Neace, Laurel Dietz, Trish Johnston, Linda Frey; (fourth row) Jan Littlebear, Sandi Toth, Kirstie Willean, Karen Remick, Deb McCabe, Cathé Rhodes, Cathy Kibling, Marilyn White, Cynthia Petrovich, Lindy Kinn, Sue McIntosh, Judy Youngquist, John Nielsen; (third row) Lisa Stewart, Stacey Wayne, Woody Wilson, Ann Ness, Beth Hartley, Marcia Indahl, Jenny Carlson, Glenda Findlay, Brenda Luthi, Abby Augustine, (second row) Karen Doyle, Christine Walker, Marc Robinson, Kathleen Wright, Liz Will, Carol Jerue; (first row); Marie Angaiak, Kellie Pitman, Betty Walters, Debbie Hawkins, Maureen Petrunic, Roxa Hawkins.

Class of 2013-14

Class of 2012-13

Class of 2011-12

Class of 2010-11


Every student in Alaska has the benefit of a great teacher.

Great teachers help our children to learn, grow, and thrive. They make learning exciting and tap into the knowledge, skills, and resources of local communities to help students achieve both personal and academic success.


Give new teachers the support they need to succeed.

The Alaska Statewide Mentor Project exists to lift up and support the profession of teaching in Alaska. The project provides individualized support to first- and second-year teachers, developing an effective teaching force that is responsive to the diverse academic needs and cultural backgrounds of all students.

How to Apply

Future hiring information will be posted as soon as it is available.

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