ASMP at NTCs NPLN & i3UGO Research Results

i3UGO Research Results: Mentoring Matters

Findings from a five-year study of the Alaska Statewide Mentor Project returned with promising results. The takeaway is that mentoring makes a difference. Read the summary of results. For the full report, please contact us to fill out a brief form, and we will send it to you.

ASMP Staff attended the New Teacher Center National Professional Learning Network in California, November 2017

ASMP Administrator Jan Littlebear, and K-12 Outreach Director Glenda Findlay, attended the National Professional Learning Network hosted by New Teacher Center, in California. This event was also attended by the Alaska Director of Educator and School Excellence, Bob Williams. Pictured left to right: Jan Littlebear, Glenda Findlay, Ellen Moir (CEO of New Teacher Center), Bob Williams (Director of Educator and School Excellence).