Findings from a Five-Year Study of the Alaska Statewide Mentor Project: Mentoring Matters

Dear Interested Reader,

The Alaska Statewide Mentor Project (ASMP) Leadership proudly announces the final results from our U.S. Department of Education Investing in Innovations (i3) study. It was found that ASMP mentoring model had significant impacts on student achievement and teacher retention. Specifically, using a rigorous study design, our external evaluator found that that students of ASMP-mentored teachers had statistically significant higher test scores for primary reading and secondary mathematics. In addition, third year teacher retention rate was higher for ASMP-mentored teachers than their non-ASMP-mentored counterparts.

To delve more deeply into our study results, we encourage you to read our press release and our full
i3 study report.
As part of University of Alaska’s Strategic Pathways to increase the quantity and quality of teachers in the state, ASMP will continue to provide high quality mentoring to first and second year teachers in Alaska. We invite you to learn more about our mentoring program and other educational programs offered at UA’s Office of K-12 Outreach (

Thank you for your support.

Glenda Findlay, K-12 Outreach Director